Immigration Physicals - What to expect

What we provide for you:

  1. Provide FDA approved vaccines required by USCIS.
  2. Translate and validate your immunization records at no extra cost to you.
  3. Provide and prepare I-693 form.
  4. Answer USCIS inquiry regarding your physical exam on your behalf.
  5. 100% refund guarantee if your physical fails you.
  6. Competitive turnaround time.
  7. Competitive Price.

What to Expect during your Exam:

  1. When you first come in to our office we will ask if you have a record of your vaccines. If you do not have the vaccines required by USCIS which are Tdap( tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis) , Varicella, and MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella)then you may choose to get them at our office.
  2. We will also ask that you provide a picture identification such as a Drivers license, Passport, or an Employment Authorization card
  3. We will give you a medical questionnaire about your past medical health that is required by USCIS that you will need to fill out.
  4. The medical exam will include an examination with our USCIS Physician, blood work and a urine sample. These exams are to test for Tuberculosis, Syphilis and Gonorrhea.
  5. The results usually take no more than 5 days to return and we will call you to come pick them up.
  6. If your Tuberculosis test comes back positive, it is necessary that you get a chest x-ray done to confirm there is no active disease in the lungs. We will give you the order to go and get your chest x-ray done. We send our patients to Bellaire Diagnostic Imaging which is located next to our office. We can get your results the same day to help you meet your deadline. Once they fax us the results of your chest x-ray we will contact you to pick up your results.
  7. If your Syphilis test comes back positive you may be asked to come back to have a confirmatory blood test done at an additional cost.
  8. When you come to pick up your results, you will receive the Form I-693 signed by Dr. Yin and a copy of your medical exam results sealed in an envelope for USCIS. We also give you an open copy for your personal records.
  9. We have 100% refund guarantee if your physical fails you
  10. We are here to help you pass your immigration medical exam, we work for you!
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